Products in equicty are not necessarily products in the classic sense of the word. Even if you offer services and not products, we encourage you to add those services as products. Examples of products can be deworming, farriery articles, other veterinary products or services such as transport, lesson, stable fees etc Products will make it easier for you to create invoices because you do not have to enter the name and price each time. You can even add unit, purchase price, selling price and long descriptions.

You can structure the products by using product categories!

Products can then be easily linked to tasks or facilitate entry when entering expenses or making your invoices!

Navigate to the billing module > products tab >

  1. Add a name for the product
  2. Add a description
  3. Select a currency
  4. Add a purchase price
  5. Add a selling price
  6. Enter a VAT
  7. Select a category
  8. Click Save