Everything in equicty starts with your CRM. All tasks, appointments, invoices, media, competitions, etc. that you add will be linked to a specific horse, owner, employee or contact. One of the first steps when you start is setting up your CRM. In this article you will find out in which ways you can add staff member. Do you also want to add horses? This article will help you on your way. If you also want to add owners, the next article will certainly help you!

1. Creation via staff profiles

  1. Go to Profiles > Staff
  2. Add a staff member via
  3. Fill in the contact details
  4. Choose a function for this staff member
  5. Give the staff member a unique color.
    • Click on the white frame
    • A color palette appears
    • Select with your mouse a suitable color at the top or determine a color via a specific RGB value via the sliders below
    • Save the selected color

Important: Tasks are displayed in the dashboard with a color. The specific color shows which staff member is responsible for this task.

> Then save all data

Furthermore, you still have the possibility to;

add a profile photo of the staff member via 'add photo'A profile picture can also be added via the mobile app. Profiles> Staff> Camera icon> Gallery or Camera