Once the expenses and prizes are linked to a specific competition, we still have to transfer them to the billing module. When booking the expenses and prizes in the competition module, these expenses and prize money are immediately included in the open costs of the owners of the horses. As long as competition costs have not been booked in the competition module, these will remain in the module Billing > invoices > open competition expenses

STEP 1: Open an existing competition of which you wish to continue with the expenditure / prize money;

  1. Via the dashboard > Click on the competition you want to edit further
  2. Via the sport module > Competition calendar > Click on the competition you want to edit further (both monthly and annual overview)

A specific page with details of the competition appears --> competition overview


  1. Then go to the Finance section
  2. Then click on the right
  3. Click on book competition finance 

A window appears that gives you the opportunity to validate and book your expenses per specific horse!

  1. Click on the horse in the top table of which you wish to book his expenses
  2. Subsequently, you can still change the % of the competition costs per owner of the horse at this stage
  3. Once the balance of costs and revenues is correct, you can go through booking the expenses for the horse in question
  4. click on "book competition finance"

Once all competition expenses have been booked, they will be sent to the module billing > invoices > open costs

The next step is then invoicing the open costs. To know more about this read next article; FAQ: How do I create an invoice?