Do you want to gain time by copying pieces from your existing schedule? Copying pieces is possible from a planning, work schedule, training schedule, health follow-up or rehabilitation schedule.

Usually this is applied to horses that follow a relatively fixed training schedule week after week. Win 80% of your planning time by copying a previous week schedule to current week, current week to next week, today to tomorrow or yesterday to today. You can even define a specific period in which you copy the tasks over this period and start on a specific date as desired!

How do you copy pieces from the planning?

Via the dashboard

  • Go to module Dashboard
  • right click on the
  •  Select "copy task"

A window appears in which you can set the following items;

  1. Select 1 or more horses from the list of which you want to copy tasks
  2. Select task type Training or Health or Both. This can be done by clicking on the logo.
  3. Choose the period that you want to copy, next options are available;
    • week: Last week to this week. From this week until next week
    • day: Yesterday to today. Today until tomorrow
    • Period of choice. Period selection of the tasks to be copied: From - T oStart date: date on which the copied period will start