When signing-up for a FREE TRIAL you trial account will be active for 21 days. During these 21 days you can decide at any time purchase an equicty software license. It's also possible to subscribe after the 21 days free trial period but a reactivation of your account will be required, follow procedure below.

To subscribe and purchase a license AFTER the Free Trial period ended;

  1. Login to your free trial account via https://portal.equicty.com/ 
  2. Click in the header on your profile and click > "billing and upgrade"
  3. Click > payment methods to add your payment details

  1. Add your payment details and click > "ADD

You can choose between Credit card or Direct Debit (SEPA EU only)

5. Click on your subscription overview

6. Click > "Reactivate Subscription"

7. Click > "Confirm"

8. RESULT > Your subscription is ACTIVATED

You will receive shortly a reactivation confirmation by email including your paid invoice.