In equicty you can archive expenses and earnings in different ways. Archiving of expenses and earnings means that you wish to archive these expenses on behalf of the stable.

OPTION 1: Archive expenses via the dashboard

  • Go to module Dashboard
  • Click right on the
  • Select expenses

OPTION 2: Archive expenses via the billing module > tab expenses

  • Go to module billing
  • Tab expenses
  • Click right on the

OPTION 3: Archive expenses via "open costs" per owner

  • Navigate to the Billing module
  • Go to the Invoices tab
  • In the above table you will find an overview of open costs per owner
  • Click on the shopping cart in column Open costs
  • A window appears with all open expenses and earnings


According to the 3 options at the top, the principle of archiving is identical!

A window appears where you can book expenses and Earnings on subsequent selections;

  1. Horses
  2. Owner
  3. Stable -> Archive automatically !!

Archive expenses/earnings

  1. Can be archived via the archive button next to the expense on the right > save
  2. In group, select multiple expenses via the check mark [] and then click at the bottom on the "archive" button

Automatically these expenses will disappear from the open costs