To complete your equicty business data, you can complete your company/stable data, account details & VAT rate lines at Settings.

Some data can be seen on different documents that you set up or share, such as reports, public horse profiles, invoices etc.

Complement company information by;

  1. Fill in your stable details
  2. Enter your account details
  3. Enter your VAT rate rules

Navigate to Settings > My stable

1. Fill in your stable details
Enter your general company details at stable details. Some data will appear on reports, public horse profiles, invoices, etc.

  1. Click on the relevant company account at Stable detail (you can use multiple company accounts in equicty)
  2. Stable detail details
    • Enter your general company details (company name, address, email, website etc)
  3. Invoice Settings
    • Enter your invoicing related settings (payment conditions, invoicing language, invoice layout, numbering etc)    

Furthermore, you can supplemented the following things;

  • Upload your logo
    • click on photo
    • find your logo on your computer folder structure
    • Click 'Save'

  • Choose your color
    • Click on the color frame
    • A color palette appears
    • Select with your mouse a suitable color at the top or determine a color via a specific RGB value via the sliders below
    • Save the selected color
    • Click 'Save'

2. Enter your bank details via > account detail

Under the account detail tab, you enter your bank details including account number, IBAN, BIC, Bank etc. equicty gives you the possibility to place 2 different account details on the invoice. The invoice will only have the details that have been entered in the account details.

  1. Click on corresponding account details
  2. Enter your bank details in the window
  3. Click 'Save'

3. Complete your VAT rate rules
In this part you can enter all your VAT rules that apply to your company and that related to the country where you operate. Standard, tariff rules for Belgium are set.

  1. Clickto add a non-line
  2. Click on the line to  change an existing rule data
  3. Enter the data such as Unique rate code,%, description line etc
  4. All fields with a red asterisk * are mandatory