• Combined Agenda View 

  • Products moved to Main Menu

Combined Agenda View

We have combined training, health & mare activities into one combined view to make everything more simplified and accessible for equicty users. Equicty launched this agenda due to the benefits of accessing common horse activities from one space rather than from three separate split sections. 

View Horse's training, health, and mare tasks in one combined diary. Use filters to access appropriate files and assign a member of staff to each new task. The overview is divided into 3 parts which work together to give you the best combination of information you wish to see.

  • Calendar View: The combined agenda view can now be accessed from the left menu called ‘Diary’. Users can view the calendar for a specific horse’s training, health, and breeding schedule. To do this they can choose the category (training, health & mare) or multiple categories they are interested in. The calendar view opens into a larger screen when the user clicks on an empty space within a specific day. This gives the user a full view of the month. Tasks can be easily planned over multiple days in one click and adjusted via the dragging feature.

  • Activity Filter View: Equicty has improved the filter option of your calendar by allowing you to select items in a pop-up window to filter your search quicker. For example, you want to check that your horse will not be ridden on the same day that it has a dentist appointment? Easy! Just make sure that you click category ‘Training’ & ‘Health’ to display activities planned under these categories. In addition, users have the option to switch between different agenda views such as a week, month & year view of the calendar.

Products Moved to Main Menu

We have moved your product list usually found in the Finance module directly to the main menu on the left-hand side of your account.

Using equicty’s finance add-on requires users to list their products and categorize them before adding them to clients' invoices. You can manage this in a new section dedicated only to your products. Products used to be located within the billing module from the main menu. Equicty decided to dedicate a product section to itself due to the addition of future main functionalities that will require a product list and category section. This will make the identification of products easier to work with for equicty users.