equicty allows to cluster horses in stable groups. In a next step, employees can even be linked to stable groups!

Why use stable groups?

  • Quickly filter the dashboard with the horses and tasks of the different employees from this specific stable group
  • Easily find your horses per stable group in the Profiles > Horses
  • Plan tasks quickly and quickly per stable group on health, training and breeding
  • Limit access to staff so that they can only see the activities within their stable group. More information about how to link staff to a stable group in this article.

1. Create a stable group via a horse profile

  1. Go to Profiles > Horses
  2. Select your horse
  3. Consider an appropriate stable group name and enter it in the "Stable group" field
  4. Enter
  5. Confirm that you want to create this new stable group 'V'
  6. Click 'save'

2. Create a stable group via stable groups

  1. Go to Profiles > stable groups
  2. Add a stable group via
  3. A new window appears
  4. Enter the new stable group name in the "name" field
  5. Click on 'save'