Open costs are expenses that have not yet been invoiced or archived. These types of costs have not yet undergone a decision.

Expenditures come in the "open costs" through different ways;

  1. When a product is linked to a task
  2. When registering an expense/product via the dashboard > > "expense"
  3. When a expense/product is registered via module billing > tab expenses >
  4. Through the bookings from the competition module. Read more in next article HowTo: book competition expenses and earnings in the billing module
  5. Direct entry via the "open costs" itself

Where can one find the open costs per owner?

  1. Navigate to the billing module
  2. Go to the Invoices tab
  3. In the above table you will find an overview of open costs per owner
  4. Click on the desired expense in column Open costs

An overview of all expenses appears.

Finally, you can now archive costs or invoices if you wish! Read more next article on how to invoice; FAQ: How do I create an invoice? If you wish to archive costs, please read the following article; FAQ: How do I archive my expenses?